Alexey Bersenev


MD -  Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Russia (2000)
PhD -  Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs, Russia (2003)

Alexey Bersenev received medical education and was certified as a general surgeon in Russia. After completing medical school, he received a PhD in transplantation/ pathology in 2003. Over the next six years, Alexey underwent post-doctoral training in the United States at Thomas Jefferson University and at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During this period he gained expertise in immunology, hematology, stem cell biology, and published scientific papers. In 2011, Alexey started work as a cell processing technologist at the University of Pennsylvania. Over the next three years he received training in clinical cell processing in a GMP cell manufacturing facility. Since Feb. 2015, Alexey is working at Yale University (Yale-New Haven Hospital) as Facility Director of the Clinical Cell Therapy Processing Laboratory and the Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratory. His expertise is in clinical manufacturing of cellular products for clinical trials, including product and process development, cell processing and culture, operations of academic GMP facilities and compliance with regulations. He is also Associate Research Scientist at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Yale University.

Pedro Silva Couto


Pedro Silva Couto received his masters degree in biological engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisboa Portugal, and did his thesis work at Crioestaminal S.A. His thesis examined the laboratory procedures for isolating and storing mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) from the human umbilical cord - which procedures are better for cell counts, for cost control, or for quality control?  Pedro has worked for the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation since 2014, and joined the co-founders of in 2017. Pedro is currently working towards his PhD at University College London (UCL), where he is studying the expansion of MSC from adult and perinatal sources. Together, Pedro and Frances have co-authored several blogs and peer-reviewed publications about the biobanking industry and about the statistics of clinical trials. Pedro is a huge fan of the stem cells and regenerative medicine field and has contributed to the outreach efforts of professional organizations such as AABB and ISCT.  Pedro's interests also include piano and choir singing, judo and soccer.

Dale Stibbs


Dale Stibbs joins Cell Trials Data as our resident expert on gene therapy. Dale is currently completing his PhD at University College London (UCL). Dale has spent 3 years building our database of clinical trials that employ pure gene therapy (without cells as carriers). The gene therapy trials for 2011 - 2019 were first released in May 2021, then the data for 2011 - 2021 were released in January 2022.

Frances Verter


BS -  Brooklyn College CUNY, United States (1978)
PhD -  Princeton University, United States (1983)

Dr. Frances Verter spent her first career as an astrophysicist, her second career as a computer programmer, and currently in her third incarnation she is the founder and CEO of Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation. Together with Alexey Bersenev and Pedro Silva Couto, she launched as a subsidiary of the Foundation in 2017.

Cell Trials Data Team

The core Team of Cell Trials Data consists of 3 people: Alexey Bersenev, MD PhD, Frances Verter, PhD, and Pedro Silva Couto, MSc. Alexey is currently the facility director of the clinical cell therapy processing and advanced cell therapy laboratories at Yale University. Frances and Pedro are the scientific staff of Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation. Frances is the director of the Foundation and holds a PhD in astrophysics from Princeton University. Pedro has a Master of Science degree in biological engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal, and is currently pursuing his PhD in this field at University College London.