Alexey Bersenev


MD - Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Russia, 2000
PhD - Institute of Transplantology and Artificial Organs, Russia, 2003

Alexey Bersenev received medical education and was certified as a general surgeon in Russia. After completing medical school, he received a PhD in transplantation/ pathology in 2003. Over the next six years, Alexey underwent post-doctoral training in the United States at Thomas Jefferson University and at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. During this period he gained expertise in immunology, hematology, stem cell biology, and published scientific papers. In 2011, Alexey started work as a cell processing technologist at the University of Pennsylvania. Over the next three years he received training in clinical cell processing in a GMP cell manufacturing facility. Since Feb. 2015, Alexey is working at Yale University (Yale-New Haven Hospital) as Facility Director of both the Clinical Cell Therapy Processing Laboratory and the Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratory. His expertise is in clinical manufacturing of cellular products for clinical trials, including product and process development, cell processing and culture, operations of academic GMP facilities and compliance with regulations. He is also Associate Research Scientist at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Yale University.