About Cell Trials Data

We provide the world’s most complete and most accurate data on clinical trials of advanced cell therapy

Our primary business model is to sell excel files of data. We also provide consulting services. Our most popular data product is our lists of companies that are active in cell and gene therapy, but our flagship product is our database of "all trials" of advanced cell therapy, either for past years or as a subscription to the current year. There were 62 new advanced cell therapy trials per month on average during 2018 and 2019, and we compile 22 parameters per trial. Here is a blog that describes our data gathering methods.

As a community service, our compare page provides a searchable database of all cell trial compilations that have been published to date. When using this comparison table, please be aware that the selection criteria for trials to include or exclude do vary from one publication to another.

CellTrials.org is a subsidiary of Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation. CellTrials.org was launched in partnership with Alexey Bersenev, MD PhD, a well known cell therapy expert and the author of the blogs CellTrials.info and Stem Cell Assays. We are open to other scientists who want to market their data compilations; we only charge a 20% commission to cover the costs of maintaining the website and shopping cart. Please contact us if you are interested.


CellTrials.org value proposition:

  • Comprehensive: Over 20 parameters each for all advanced cell therapy trials world-wide.
  • Consistent: CellTrials.org has employed uniform data collection procedures since 2011.
  • Authoritative: The CellTrials.org team has published 3 papers on statistics  of clinical trials and have 2 more in preparation.
  • Efficient: Purchasers of CellTrials.org data can save the effort of in-house data collection, especially searching obscure international registries.
  • Business Intelligence: Does your team have an overview this comprehensive and detailed?  You can mitigate data gaps and validate the quality of your in-house data by comparison with CellTrials.org third-party data.
  • Global Perspective: CellTrials.org pulls in the 30-40 % of trials that are not registered in ClinicalTrials.gov, especially trials in China
  • Economical: The monthly subscription to all trials is $200/mo. This represents about a day of employee labor, versus we have 2 scientists that work several days to curate a month of data and check each other. 
  • Competitive: Institutions planning a trial can find out who already has trials with similar cells for similar diagnoses. Or you can hire us to give you a quick report that does not require research time because the trials are already compiled.
  • Segments: CellTrials.org purchasers can breakdown R&D in trials by diagnosis, cell type, cell source, industry vs academia, country, etc.
  • Scale: CellTrials.org purchasers can discriminate larger projects in later phase trials with higher enrollment.
  • Marketing: Vendors using CellTrials.org data can search for trial sponsors that are not clients, or learn about more activities of existing clients.
  • More Marketing: Vendors using CellTrials.org data can screen for trials that probably require certain technologies and consumables to prepare and deliver cells and genes.
  • Investment Insights: CellTrials.org purchasers can identify early phase efforts with novel approaches to unmet needs.