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Subscribe for one year to receive updated lists of companies developing Cellular Immunotherapy worldwide. Subscribers will receive the current list immediately plus a commitment to receive updates over the following year. This dataset is compiled by Alexey Bersenev, MD PhD, from public information sources and conference materials.

As of April 2023, the list provides 7 parameters for 381 companies outside of China and 5 parameters for 180 companies inside China. All companies are labeled as manufacturing autologous versus allogeneic products (or both).

Included: Only companies developing Immunotherapies, either in-house or via relationships. Includes any company that is developing cellular Immunotherapy products, or that has assets (via licensing or partnership) with therapeutic products. 
Excluded: All vendors to the Immunotherapy industry, such as manufacturers of reagents and devices or service providers, were excluded

For each company:

  • Company name
  • Link to company website if available
  • Phase of development (preclinical or clinical) - This information is not available for the companies in China
  • Type of cell products (CAR-T, NK, DC, etc.)
  • Autologous or Allogeneic donor type / business model 
  • Key partner or license
  • Subscribers will receive an excel with highlights on information that was updated since the last release.

Update April 2023

  •     Total 561 companies: 381 outside of China and 180 inside China.
  •     Companies added: 26 (13 Western and 13 Chinese)
  •     Companies removed due to acquisitions: 2 (TCR2 and Tmunity)
  •     Company name/website updates: 3
  •     Country of origin updates: 0
  •     Cell type updates: 2
  •     Donor type updates: 1
  •     Phase of development updates: 5
  •    Key partner/licensor/licensee updates: 11

Original list was released December 2017 holding 15 companies.

2023 cell therapy donors: auto or allo?
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