Autism & Cerebral Palsy Cell Therapy Trials

FREE public service: Cell Therapy Clinical Trials for Autism & Cerebral Palsy 2017-2022.

This data is provided as a public service to parents that are seeking cell therapy for their children with acquired neurologic conditions. We list all clinical trials for Cerebral Palsy (first tab) and Autism (second tab) that were registered over the six years 2017 through 2022.

It is the responsibility of the reader to determine which of these clinical trials are currently open. First, click on the Trial ID to read the trial description. If it has a number that starts with "NCT", then the clinical trial was listed on the US registry, and the trial status should either be updated or will give a date when it was last updated. Unfortunately, other trial registries do not require trials to update their status. Hence, for trials that are not on, it is necessary to contact the trial organizers to find out the current status.

To learn more about cell therapy for autism and cerebral palsy, please visit Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation at