Therapeutic Gene Editing Companies

This is the first comprehensive list of companies that are developing therapies with technologies that edit genes inside cells (namely CRISPR-, ZFN-, TALEN- based technologies). This dataset is compiled by Alexey Bersenev MD PhD from public information sources.

For each company:

  1. Company name
  2. Link to company website
  3. Country of origin
  4. Key partner or licensee
  5. Stage of development (preclinical or clinical)
  6. Gene Editing Technology (CRISPR-, ZFN-, TALEN-, etc.)
  7. Type of edit (ex vivo/in vivo)
  8. Therapeutic area(s)


  • Only companies that provide therapeutic gene editing.
  • Companies developing gene editing therapy either in-house or via relationships, or that have assets (via licensing or partnership) with therapeutic products.


  • Exclude companies selling gene editing tools and services.
  • Exclude manufacturers of gene editing tools/reagents.


  • Database launched with 46 companies through the end of 2018
  • 1st update to 60 companies through May 2019
  • 2nd update to 71 companies through Sept. 2019; 2 co's changed name, 1 update therapeutic area, 2 updates partner/licensee info
Public samples: