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Subscribe for one year to receive updated lists of companies developing Cellular Immunotherapy worldwide. Subscribers will receive the current list immediately plus a commitment to receive updates over the following year. This dataset is compiled by Alexey Bersenev MD PhD from public information sources and conference materials. The list provides 6 parameters for companies outside of China and 5 parameters for companies inside China

Included: Only companies developing Immunotherapies, either in-house or via relationships. Includes any company that is developing cellular Immunotherapy products, or that has assets (via licensing or partnership) with therapeutic products.
Excluded: All vendors to the Immunotherapy industry, such as manufacturers of reagents and devices or service providers, were excluded

For each company:

  • Company name
  • Link to company website if available
  • Phase of development (preclinical or clinical) - This informatoin is not available for the companies in China
  • Type of cell products (CAR-T, NK, DC, etc.)
  • Key partner or license
  • Subscribers will receive an excel with highlights on information that was updated since the last release.


Update 25 December 2018:

  • 24 companies added (5 in China, 19 from the rest of the World)
  • 1 company removed (Endocyte was acquired by Novartis)
  • 1 company changed name (Cellular Therapeutics Ltd to Immetacyte)
  • partners were added/changed for 6 companies
  • By 25 Dec. 2018, the list holds 292 companies: 198 outside of China and 94 inside China.

Update 1 Oct. 2018:

  • 25 companies added (12 in China, 13 from the rest of the World)
  • 1 company removed (TxCell was acquired by Sangamo)
  • 3 companies changed their names 
  • type of cells/assets were updated for 6 companies
  • partners were updated for 4 companies  

Update 31 May 2018:

  • During the 2 months April-May 2018, the list grew by 15 companies in about 9 weeks, 12 of them working in CAR therapy.
  • At the end of May 2018, the list held 245 companies: 168 outside of China and 77 inside China.
  • At the end of May 2018, 136 of the 245 companies (56%) are developing CAR cell therapy.

Update 31 March 2018:

  • During 2018 Q1, the list grew by 15 companies in 12 weeks.
  • At the end of March 2018, the list held 230 companies: 158 outside of China and 72 inside China.

Original list released 31 December 2017 holding 15 companies.

Public samples: