Marketed Cell Products to date

This package researched by Alexey Bersenev is a cumulative database of 9 parameters for 109 cell/tissue therapy products that were marketed anywhere in the world through the end of 2018, including web links to references when available. Notes indicate when/where these products attained regulatory aproval and if they subsequently left the market, hence this data can be used to analyze factors associated with product success or failure. A blog published in April 2017 displays these graphs of the 90 products at that time: type of product launch, indication for use, nationality of product approval, number of approvals per year.

Spreadsheet columns:

  1. When marketed
  2. Product name   
  3. Manufacturer / brand   
  4. Where marketed
  5. Regulation/ type of approval   
  6. Indication(s)   
  7. Cell Type   
  8. Estimated Price   
Public samples: