Gene Therapy Trials 2011-2019

This searchable and sortable file holds 835 clinical trials of in vivo gene therapy registered internationally 2011 - 2019. In these clinical trials the gene editing occurs inside the patient. This does not include clinical trials where ex vivo genetic modifications are performed on cells that are then delivered to the patient as cell therapy; those are covered in our database of advanced cell therapy. Check out the sample file and read our blog describing the data. These 835 trials were found after manually screening 39,600 candidate trials.

Number of in vivo gene therapy trials per year 2011-2019

For each trial, the following parameers are provided:

  • Trial Data
    • Registration Year
    • Trial ID with link to trial on-line
    • Country
    • Phase
    • Status (as of Dec. 2020)
  • Gene Data
    • Type of Vector
    • Route of Administration
    • Dose
  • Patient Data
    • Indication
    • Target Enrollment
    • Patient Age Groups
  • Sponsor Data
    • Academia or Industry Funding
    • Names of Sponsor / Collaborators
    • Product Name (if any)
    • Notes (Alternate Trial IDs)
Public samples:
SAMPLE Gene Therapy Trials 2011-201919.02 KB