Cord Blood Bank Database

This excel file is a download from the website of Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation: 

Full descriptions of all cord blood banks around the world are AVAILABLE FOR FREE on the Foundation's website. This data product is simply a convenience for businesses that want all the banks in a spreadsheet with contact information (country, address, phone, website link).

We define a "bank" as an entity that has a laboratory for processing cord blood. Some multi-national family banks have multiple labs in multiple countries, whereas others have dozens of marketing offices shipping samples to a single lab. Our database discriminates marketing offices from laboratories. As a result, the total number of banks we report is much lower than databases that do not know the difference between an office and a laboratory.

The banks in the excel file are sorted onto tabs by business model: family/private, marketing offices, hybrid banks that are both private and public, public banks.

As of June 2021, our database numbers

  • 203 family banks
  • 163 additional bank offices
  • 177 public banks
  • 41 hybrid banks (these contribute to both the number of family and the number of public banks)
Public samples:
Sample: USA cord blood banks18.68 KB