Cell and Gene Therapy CMO and CDMO Facilities

Searchable and sortable database of 188 Cell and Gene Therapy CMOs / CDMOs worldwide as of 12 Sept. 2020, including 140 companies and 48 academic or government facilities.

This is a global database of facilities that provide (mostly or exclusively) services as contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) and/or contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMO) for the cell and gene therapy industry worldwide.

Included: Manufacturers of therapeutic cell products (unmodified or gene-modified), iPS cell lines for therapeutic products, viral vectors and DNA plasmids for cell and gene therapy industry.

Excluded: Contract research organizations (CROs) not performing manufacture of the therapeutic product, vendors of supplies (reagents, devices, etc.) 

For each company:

  • Facility name
  • Link to facility website if available
  • Country of origin
  • CMO/CDMO service expertise
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Notes
  • The excel file has separate lists for CMO/CDMO that are Industry versus Academic/ Government facilities.

Our last release in March 2020 held 174 companies. Since then, we have added 16 organizations (14 industry companies and 2 academic/government) and removed 2 organizations due to acquisitions.

Geographically, our January 2020 database held 69 facilities operating in North America (40%), 69 in Europe (40%), and 35 (20%) in Asia. We had 173 locations for the 161 facilities in our Jan. 2020 database because some of the companies have laboratories in more than one country.

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