CAR-T Companies

Global database of 187 CAR-T cell therapy companies through 1 August 2019. (This package is a subset of the Cellular Immunotherapy Companies, without the subscription.) This database includes all companies worldwide with CAR-T cell therapeutic assets or programs (wholly owned, licensed or co-developed) in any stage of development (from preclinical to commercial). It does not contain information about vendors to CAR-T companies (manufacturers of reagents, materials, and devices) or service providers.

For each company:

  • Company name
  • Link to company website if available
  • Country of origin
  • Phase of development (preclinical or clinical)
  • Type of cell products
  • Key partner or licensee/licensor


Updates from Jan 2019 to Aug 2019:

  • 187 companies total
  • 20 companies added (including 10 from China)
  • 1 company removed (Vor BioPharma - no CAR cell assets in development as was claimed previously)
  • 2 companies changed name (Toolgen merged with Genexine, Conckwest/Nantkwest re-branded to ImmunityBio)
  • 4 changes to key partners/licensee/licensor
  • 1 update to phase of development
  • 3 changes in type of cells developed

Updates from Aug 2018 to Jan 2019:

  • 168 companies total
  • 19 companies added
  • 1 company removed (Novartis acquired Endocyte)
  • 6 changes to key partners/licensee/licensor
  • 3 update to phase of development

Original file posted Aug 2018: 150 companies (63 in China and 87 in other countries).

Public samples:
SAMPLE CAR-T companies worldwide10.04 KB