Amniotic Membrane of the Placenta products

Russ Schweizer of AmnioChor has compiled a table of all the products containing Amniotic Membrane of the Placenta (AMP) that are currently on the market. His table holds 116 products updated to 10 May 2017.

The team at has researched a companion spreadsheet listing all clinical trials of current AMP products. As of August 2017, we searched 111 products and found 61 trials of 25 products that are owned by 14 companies. See the companion story in our August 2017 newsletter.

The marketed AMP products fall into one of these four categories of cell type: amnion only, amnion + chorion, amnion + composite, amnion flowable solution. This has proven to be a very dynamic market to monitor and we apologize in advance for any unintended errors or omissions. The majority of the AMP products are composed of amnion cells only.

The market for amnion membrane products was discussed in the Sept. 2016 newsletter of Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation. As of late 2016, AMP products are marketed in the United States under the FDA's 361 exemption.

Public samples: