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About Cell Trials Data

We have the world’s most complete and most accurate data on clinical trials of advanced cell therapy.  We also have highly accurate data on products that employ cell-based therapies and companies that are active in advanced cell therapy.

Our clinical trials database is the world’s most complete because we combine data from over a dozen national registries of clinical trials, not just the United States registry For example, we have calibrated that during the first quarter of 2018, 36% of newly registered trials performing advanced cell therapy were not registered on or cross-posted to

Our clinical trials database is the world’s most accurate because it is assembled manually by scientists who check each other’s work. We do not rely on automated searches to find trials or evaluate whether they qualify as advanced cell therapy. For example, we have calibrated that only 82% of trials that contain the keyword “mesenchymal” actually rely on the action of MSC, and we calibrated that only 56% of recruiting “cord blood” trials are performing advanced cell therapy.

Our primary business model is to sell excel files of raw trials data, with one to two dozen parameters compiled per trial. These are useful to clients who want a comprehensive overview of certain sectors of the cell therapy field.

Some users want a report that answers a specific question, not a database. We can produce the answer to a client query faster and cheaper than other consultants because we do not have to look up the trials, we already have the trials. We just search our data to answer your question, and we can dig deeper into the final trials list if necessary. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

As a community service, our landing page provides a searchable database of all cell trial compilations that have been published to date. When using this comparison table, please be aware that the selection criteria for trials to include or exclude do vary from one publication to another. was launched as a partnership with Alexy Bersenev, MD PhD, known as a cell therapy expert and the author of the blogs and Stem Cell Assays. Dr. Bersenev has been publishing analyses of cell therapy trials on his blogs for years; now we are helping him to market his databases direct to consumers.

We are open to marketing additional data compilations from other authors. We are scientists, and we believe that the author of a unique data set should get the majority of the income from sales of their work. Please contact us if you are interested.

Frances Verter, PhD
Alexey Bersenev, MD PhD

Pedro Silva Couto, MSc