MSC Advanced Cell Therapy Trials 2011-2017

Package of MSC advanced cell therapy trials registered internationally from 2011 through 2017 contains at least 15 parameters for 879 trials. Only trials with isolated MSC are included, from any source. This package comes with free updates if we find more trial data in this time frame. This package is an accurate list of mesenchymal cell trials regardless of whether the mesenchymal cells are considered to be stem cells, stromal cells, signaling cells, etc. (We have eliminated 6 trials where the mechanism of action was cytokines relesed from MSC cells and not the cells themselves.)

  • Trial Data
    • Registration Year
    • Trial ID with link to trial on-line
    • Country
    • Phase
    • Status 
  • Cell Data
    • Cell Type
    • Cell Source
    • Route of Administration
    • Cell Dose
  • Patient Data
    • Indication for use
    • Autologous or Allogeneic Therapy
    • Target Enrollment
    • Patient Age Groups
  • Sponsor Data
    • Academia or Industry Funding
    • Sponsor Name - Industry only before 2017, since 2017 all sponsors
    • Product Name (if any) - included since 2017
Public samples:
Sample-MSC_Trials-2011-2017.xlsx60.73 KB