CHINA Cell Therapy Trials 2011-2019

Searchable and sortable database of 1482 advanced cell therapy trials in China registered from 2011 through 2019. Over the complete database, 63% of the trials were registered on the US registry, 37% were  registered on the Chinese registry ChiCTR, and a handful were registered elsewhere. Whenever we find a trial double-registered to both and another registry, we attribute it to  After 2018, about half of these trials are only found on the Chinese registry ChiCTR.

Number of cell therapy trials per year in China, color-coded by registry

For each trials, the excel file contains 16 columns:

  • Trial Data
    • Registration Month (starting 2017)
    • Registration Year
    • Trial ID with link to trial on-line
    • Country (always China)
    • Phase
    • Status (at the time of registration)
  • Cell Data
    • Cell Type
    • Cell Source
    • Route of Administration
    • Cell Dose
  • Patient Data
    • Indication
    • Autologous or Allogeneic Therapy
    • Target Enrollment
    • Patient Age Groups
  • Sponsor Data
    • Academia or Industry Funding
    • Sponsor Name (Prior to 2017, only Industry sponsors are named)


Public samples: