CellTrials.org COVID-19 Clinical Trials


Through the end of 2020, 161 trials were registered worldwide to prevent or treat COVID-19 or related conditions with cell therapy. For each trial, the excel file holds:

  • Month (there were no cell therapy trials registered in January)
  • Year
  • Trial ID with link to trial on-line
  • Country where registered
  • Trial Phase
  • Cell Types that are active ingredients
  • Patient Indication
  • Expected Enrollment of the trial
  • Sponsor names
  • Notes on trial name or product name (optional)

Inclusions/Exclusions: We are only tracking cell therapy clinical trials for COVID-19. (Previous versions of this database tracked all trials of COVID-19 treatments.) This database only holds officially registered clinical trials.

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>> Citations: If you use this data in a publication or presentation, please acknowledge the Team at CellTrials.org  This data was compiled by Pedro Silva Couto, and most of the graphs were made by Frances Verter.

>> Read our poster abstract published (open access) at Stem Cells Translational Medicine giving an overview of the first half of 2020. Here is a slide from our presentation at Cord Blood Connect 2020:

Role of immunotherapy in cell therapy trials for COVID-19

NUmber of COVID-19 cell therapy trials per month 2020

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Public samples: