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Cell Therapy People & Places 2017

This data set provides the sponsor and collaborators, lead investigator(s), and participating hospitals for all advanced cell therapy trials registered worldwide in 2017.

Our standard all trials data package provides detailed information about the advanced cell therapy in the trials. This data package instead focuses on the People & Places behind the trials. The People & Places data can be purchased alone for $1000 or in addition to the all trials data for $500.

For each trial:

  • Year
  • Trial ID (with link to registry)
  • Cell Type (CAR-T, NK, UC-MSC, etc.)
  • Patient Conditions
  • Country
  • Sponsor / Collaborators
  • Hospital Locations
  • Lead Investigator or Contact (if available)
  • Email (if available)

This data package has 886 rows of People & Places data for the 638 trials in 2017. As with all our products, this data was compiled manually by scientists. We did not rely on  automated searches on keywords and we checked all trial registries worldwide, not just ClinicalTrials.gov.

Public samples:
Sample_People+Places_2017.xlsx18.61 KB