All published CAR-T trial RESULTS

The CAR-T results file contains 12 categories of information for 56 papers published in the medical literature about CAR cell-based therapy for oncology indications through 1 Sept. 2017 (see excluded data below). Purchasers will receive FREE UPDATES twice a year for the next 3 years. For each publication, the following 12 topics are covered:

CAR-T patient response pie

  1. Trial ID
  2. Publication ID and link
  3. First/ last author and year of report
  4. Conditions
  5. CAR target
  6. Trial endpoints
  7. Number of patients (enrolled, infused, evaluable)
  8. Safety/ adverse events data
  9. Efficacy data
  10. CAR cells persistence in vivo
  11. Durability of response
  12. Were endpoints met?

Methodology and highlights of the CAR-T results survey through 1 Sept. 2017:

  • NCBI PubMed database search was performed, using multiple key words combinations.
  • Both hematological and solid tumor malignancies are included.
  • 74 published reports were identified.
  • 18 reports were excluded from analysis (they are listed at the bottom of the file) because they were a few case reports (3 or fewer cases), most of which were included in later publications of the whole trial results.
  • 56 publications are described in the final database.
  • 53 clinical trials were analyzed: 35 trials in hematology-oncology (36 publications) and 18 trials in solid tumor oncology (20 publications).
  • Excluded: conference abstracts and companies/ institutions press-releases
  • Included: two abstracts from ASH 2016 (exception to the above rule), because these trials were pivotal for registration of a CAR-T cell product on a market.
Public samples:
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