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About Cell Trials Data

The purpose of this website is to offer compilations of raw data about advanced cell therapy clinical trials and products that employ cell-based therapies.

We offer to sell Data Packages of advanced cell therapy trials and products. Our cell trial compilations are currently the biggest and most detailed database of Advanced Cell Therapy that is available anywhere in tabular format. The Data Package of all cell products ever marketed anywhere in the world is totally unique. The business plan of this website is to enable our clients to outsource the effort of creating high quality cell therapy databases. Our intended audience includes Pharma/ Biotech companies, researchers, business analysts, and anybody who wants to compile raw data about cell therapy for statistical analysis. In addition to the Data Packages listed on this website, we can create custom data sets for clients.

As a community service, our landing page provides a searchable database of all cell trial compilations that have been published to date. When using this comparison table, please be aware that the selection criteria for trials to include or exclude vary from one publication to another. Under the Definitions tab of this website we explain our operating rules for collecting and summarizing Advanced Cell Therapy trials.

We have started this project in partnership with Alexy Bersenev, MD PhD, known as a cell therapy specialist, former stem cell scientist, and author of the blogs and Stem Cell Assays. Dr. Bersenev has been publishing analyses of cell therapy trials on his blogs for over 5 years. Now we are helping him to market his databases direct to consumers.

We are open to marketing additional data compilations from other authors. Please contact us to discuss options. We are scientists, and we believe that the author of a unique data set should get the majority of the income from sales of their work.

Frances Verter, PhD
Alexey Bersenev, MD PhD

Pedro Silva Couto, MSc